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Air-WC cistern type A31 ventilator - automatic release

pre-assembled mounting frame for wall-mounted WC, for odour extraction for drywall construction, for single installation on a massive wall or into a lightweight frame stud wall, for rail installation in front of a massive wall or on a lightweight frame stud wall

System height 1,200 mm, self-supporting mounting frame, suitable for sheathing with gypsum fibre or gypsum plasterboards, powder-coated profile frame, height-adjustable footrests 0 - 240 mm with integrated anti-slip, Base plates can be rotated, Compensating for drilling errors, Depth suitable for installation in UW-profile UW 50 and UW 75 and MEPA C profile, Centre and meter marking for exact alignment of the axis centre and installation height of the element, Concealed cistern Sanicontrol type A31, Dual or single flush or start/stop flushing technology, Cistern completely pre-assembled, Approval and CE-sign according to DIN EN 14 055, Water connection on the right, Flush volume 6/3 l (factory setting), Separately adjustable flush volumes: Large flush volume 5 - 7 l, stepless, Small flush volume 3 - 4.5 l, stepless, Maximum flush volume 7.5 l, With factory setting, immediate rinsing enabled, integrated flushing rate throttle for infinitely variable reduction of the flushing flow from approx. 2.2 l/s (minimum throttling) up to approx. 1.8 l/s (maximum throttling), condensation water insulated, 25 years of spare parts supply guarantee according the MEPA guarantee terms, mechanical front actuation, WC connection bend, 3-fold depth-adjustable, Connection to shower-WC system possible, Odour extraction with integrated radial fan, Fan operation electronic, Speed regulation, 230/24 DC Volt mains operation by integrated concealed mains unit, Protection class IP 54, air leak-tight check valve

  • height-adjustable
    • 240 mm
  • installation height from to
    • 0 - 240 mm
  • construction height
    • 120 mm
  • construction
    • dry construction
  • properties
    • WC frame with integrated odour extraction

Air-WC cistern type A31 ventilator - automatic release

art. no.


scope of delivery

Wall bracket kit for individual mounting on solid walls, Installation kit for lightweight frame stud wall, Water inlet port G 1/2 A with integrated stop valve and hand wheel, PE wall- WC connecting bend, ND 90, PE wall/WC connecting kit, ND 90, PE adapter, nominal diameter 90/110, Wall/WC fastening kit M 12, Construction protection box for inspection opening, 2 protective plugs, Pipe connection set for fans, Fastening material

technical drawing


due to the low fan power and the associated limited exhaust air volume, the Air-WC must not be used as a substitute for room ventilation in accordance with DIN 18017, not suitable for certain WC ceramics; a constantly updated list of WC ceramics that are not compatible with the Air-WC can be found at:, detailed information on the MEPA guarantee terms can be found at: